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What in the bloody hell does an environmental organization actually do anyway? Insights from YEL

Most people will never meet someone who works as a professional environmental activist. It’s no surprise then that the commonly held view is often skewed by outdated stereotypes. Portrayed as dirty hippies or tree hugging radicals, environmental workers can be … Continue reading

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Can REDD help save Indonesia’s rainforest?

This article was recently published here in Climate Spectator magazine. Without notice or explanation my guide, Syahrul, from WAHLI, an Indonesian environmental coalition, pulled over our motorbike and dismounted. We were burning under the North Sumatran sun and he’d stopped … Continue reading

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How do you manage a two week friendship gone weird in Malaysia? You tell me.

I first saw Tao as I was moving into the hostel dorm room in Kuala Lumpur. She was asleep on the bed as I came in. Two hours later, I met her as she woke up. The contrast between her … Continue reading

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