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Taking on the trashier side of Yobbos Paradise

In my wanderings around the streets and resort fantasy land of Bali, I really didn’t see alot of rubbish compared to what I’ve seen since in Java. Tiny cats with no tails- yeah heaps of those, ageing hippies who talk … Continue reading

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Aussie yobs, the dark side of resort land and meeting the Indonesian upper class

It wasn’t long after I arrived at my hostel that I started to realise something unusual. Every other guest except one was a rough looking middle aged Aussie bloke with tats, grey hair and the weathered look of a seasoned … Continue reading

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Blogging from a plane..sortof. And by the way why am I doing this again?

I’m gliding over a sea of midnight blue clouds as the sun sets over the wing of my plane and over my home town below, Sydney, in a brilliant and mournful blood red glow. My MP3 player decides in it’s … Continue reading

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How to find friends with drills..

Everyone has a moment in life where they need something just briefly that they don’t want to own, or can’t afford to buy. It might be you’re tearing up some concrete and you need a jackhammer, but you’re pretty sure … Continue reading

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